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About Us:

About Us:

We do supply top quality Linen and towels to hospitality industry and standard towels and luxury towels both are our specialty. In Luxury Towels you will love our quality of Luxury bath Towel , Luxury Hand Towel, Luxury Face Towel and Luxury bath Mat . In Standard towel rage our Bath Towel, Hand Towel,  Face Towel  and Bath Mat are also very popular.


We supply the highest quality Linen in New Zealand and we do have bed sheet and Pillow case with 80% Cotton & 20% Poly (80/20 Linen bed sheet) made with 100% Combed yarn and high count thread T265 White luxury bed sheets for Hotels, Motels and Commercial Laundries are available in all sizes like: Single King Flat Bed Sheet, Queen Flat Bed Sheet, King Flat Bed sheet and Super King Bed sheet and Pillow case,  Heavy Linen made with extra Luxury 155Gsm fabric also available in all sizes bed sheets and pillow cases. The service life of this kind of bed sheet is much longer even beyond your imagination.


Our T265 Bed sheets 60/40 (60% Cotton and 40% poly) are very practical and it is much better substitute of 50/50 poly cotton bed sheets. We offer higher cotton content and higher count thread in bed sheet of all sizes and pillow case.  These bed sheet are popular for hospitality industry available, white single bed sheet, white queen bed sheet, white king bed sheet and white super king bed sheet.

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